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Band Bio

Formed from the depths of the much revered Manchester (UK) metal scene, Screaming Beast fuse heavy metal and the swagger of the deep south to bring you groovy and bluesy melodic metal.


The band began as the project of vocalist Anton War and drummer Daniel Mucs in the summer of 2013. Once songs took shape, the band released the first EP “Blistering Lies” in February of 2014, followed by a second EP “To Assail and Conquer” in September 2015.


By late 2017 a full band line-up was solidified and Daniel and Anton were joined by Arun Kamath (guitar, backing vocals), Rory Vallely (guitar)and Jason Hartley-Smith (bass, backing vocals).


“Why this band is unsigned remains a mystery in the face of great songwriting!”
Metal Glory – Germany


Having each individually forged their own creative paths over the years, and with a lifetime’s worth of combined musical experience, all five of these rather talented and handsome chaps are connected by their love for creating and playing the best music possible, and having jolly good fun in the process!


“Screaming Beast creates energetic driven songs with biting vocals”
Musika – Belgium


Lyrically, the band draws on a healthy mix of personal experience and outward commentary, while not wishing to preach or force a particular message upon anyone, the listener is taken on a journey through the mindset of the songs protagonists.


“Screaming Beasts first foray into a full length opus shows a lot of promise and despite being a tad heavier than my usual speaker fodder I found myself leaving it play, even when not scribbling my drivel about it. The opener ‘This Day, This Dawn’, ‘Giving into Fear’, along with ‘Despair’ are stand out tracks and definitely highlight the bands potential. If you like your metal with a little bit of substance and not just the shouty stuff give them a go.” Chesy Rock Reviews


In March 2018 Screaming Beast released their debut album “Our New Narrative of Hate” in 2018. The band promises ten tracks of groovers, shakers, bruisers and head banging neck-breakers. “Our New Narrative Of Hate is a musical thing in terms of sound that metal fans will be interested in looking for new acts!” My Revelations – Germany
Working with Birgitt Schwanke, GerMusica PR in Europe and The Syndicate/Jon Freeman in the US we managed to get some great reviews and made it to number 23 on the North American College Chart (NACC) Metal!


Influences of the band include: Black Label Society Pantera Lamb of God Strapping Young Lad Machine Head In Flames Dream Theater At the Gates The Haunted Alter Bridge…. To name just a few.

The Band

Anton War

Anton War

Arun Kamath

Arun Kamath

Daniel Mucs

Daniel Mucs

Jason Hartley-Smith

Jason Hartley-Smith

Rory Vallely

Rory Vallely


Official Videos


On March 23rd, the record “Our New Narrative Of Hate” was unleashed onto the masses by United Kingdom’s own Screaming Beast. This record is as dirty and grimy as it gets.


For those not familiar with Screaming Beast, I would quickly describe them as “if Godsmack did hardcore music, with the workmanship mentality of Strapping Young Lad”. It certainly has the bluesy vibes into their hardcore sound, but there is nothing pretty or sexy about their thunderous riffs, their vicious breakdowns as in the track “World With Fate”, which showcases the brutal vocals of Anton War. The guitars in “World With Fate” do a tremendous job of chugging along like a freight train, coupled with the intense tempo changes. This work showcases a great tandem by Rory Vallely and Arun Kamath, which showcases their rhythm guitar and workmanship when the lead guitar is provided.


The lyrical content showcases a mix of shit that they have seen, shit that they have been through, and shit that people go through when karma comes back and bites them in the ass. This lyrical content is showcased in the social/political commentary in “Society Of Slaves”, how people just conform to anything and everything in “Giving Into Fear”, and feeling like you don’t have a voice in “The Nameless”. Screaming Beast is dirty, gritty, and grimy and that’s the way hardcore music should be! screamingbeast

SCREAMING BEAST are a Groove Metal/Metalcore band, based out of Manchester, England. The band was formed in 2014 and this is their first full length record, after 2 previously released Eps, it is entitled “Our New Narrative of Hate”, that spans 10 tracks over 45:22 minutes of music.


The opener “This Dawn This Day” has a very MACHINE HEAD feel to it, the vocals shift from being very clean to somewhat harsh (similar to HATEBREED at times). The chorus uses back vocals cleverly and musically it reminds me a bit of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. The guitar solos pack quite the punch. “World with Fate” follows a much more “thrashier” path, with primarily use of clean vocals, and some slower rhythmic patterns. It uses its fair share of panning for its breakdown riffing that should appeal to fans of PANTERA.


“Giving into fear” has a completely different jam feel to it in its early stages, but then rips your head off faster than a shotgun blast and it does it with a powerful groove. One of the strongest tracks on this effort. “Silent submission” has some nice bass-laden riffing, and being the shortest track on the album, it gets its point across very fast. “Despair” as the title would suggest is a slow-pounding number, which sounds a bit like TYPE O NEGATIVE, whereas “Lost and Betrayed” shows off some great bass lines and southern-style soloing, another very cool one to bang your head to. “This Fray” has more distortion than the previous tracks in its intro., and then goes into a nice cavernous tempo. “Society of Slaves” is a pitch-harmonic frenzy and it pushes you to the ground with no chance of getting up.


“The Nameless” would fit perfectly in as a theme song for a new revolution. It shows off a great deal of emotion and controlled intensity. It definitely seems like a plea from the youth for a change in society. “Reborn” ends the album nicely with its LAMB of GOD meets FAITH NO MORE feel to it and shows off some of the harsher, almost death metal vocals found on the album. Overall, fans of many bands I have mentioned above should enjoy these gentlemen. It has a healthy dose of groove, thrash, catchy bass and guitars that pound right through your heart.


Songwriting: 7 Originality: 7 Memorability: 8 Production: 8

Surprisingly decent metalcore effort out of the UK, complete with all the drippings.


The guitars are crunchy, with that vintage Akira Takasaki Rockman/emphasized harmonics tone, leads are respectable, vocals are clean and emo-inflected on the (melodic, catchy) choruses.


But most interestingly, rather than the usual aggro growly shit on the verses, the likely pseudonymous frontman Anton War instead opts for a declamatory, puking tongued delivery with phoned in-style punctuation, very much in the Howard Jones-era Killswitch mode, but without the tonsil-rattling roars.


Given that, it must be said that the songs themselves aren’t exactly Killswitch worthy, but did you really expect that? Certainly on par with lesser metalcore highlights like the first Agonist and In This Moment albums or the Adam D-produced efforts from All That Remains or As I Lay Dying (no, it’s not on that level of quality production either, though it’s competent enough and really nothing to sneeze at). My only complaint here is that songs start coming off a tad samey as you progress, with a noticeable Tool influence peeking through at points as much as the Jones-fronted Killswitch one.


Will it stand as a classic of the genre for the ages? Nah, not even close.


But is it a more than respectable, even likeable time filler between Killswitch albums (or Adam D. projects)?


Yeah, I’d be willing to go out on a limb with that one.